Night Out With Some Girls

∼November 18, 2011∼

I'm wearing a mahogany red dress made of chiffon. It's loose and closed in the front and back, so I'm wearing it very short. I'm just tucking it in with a belt and making it shorty. Otherwise it will end up looking very wifey. I'm showing lots of legs because I'm tucking my dress up and also I'm wearing my 5 inch heels which hopefully made my legs look slim and long! :-) It's always a good thing to show something when you're covered up. Either it's legs or back or cleavage. Personally I think it's tacky and not so classy to show all those three features..

My sister is wearing a similar style, but hers is black and it is a split sleeve dress whereas the sleeves are longer and it's made of chiffon and the body is of satin. She also pulled her dress up and her legs look great in it.

Good time to get wasted and let this be a good night. ♥

- go go, sally!
My dress looked like this. I wish I had taken one of my sister too~~

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