Nagoya Running Sushi

∼November 8, 2011∼

NAGOYA restaurant in Copenhagen.
We went last year and looking back at the pictures, it makes me crave some sushi!

In Denmark we call this type of restaurant for "running sushi" which is the equivalent of the term "sushi-go-round" くるくる寿司. The sushi are placed on different coloured plates which indicates the price. The plates get placed on a rotating conveyor belt which moves past each table so the customers can easily grab the sushi they want. When you're finished, the waitress will bill you by counting the number and types of different plates. Sometimes you can order "all-you-can-eat" which I mostly order. More bang for the buck! In this restaurant they also serve desserts and fruits which is refreshing.

I wish I had taken more pictures of this cosy little place. It's placed on a corner in Sølvgade and the interior of the restaurant was lovely. It had a very Asian feel with the mahogany red tables and Japan related pictures and such. I've been there twice and both time was quite delicious.

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  1. Hi! Aw thank you so much. She is gorgeous so your comment really made me smile :) Sushi is favorite food by the way. This restaurant sounds awesome. I find it so cool that you're from Denmark, I'd love to keep in touch.


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