FILM rec: Keith (2008)

∼November 14, 2011∼

I watched Keith the other night and it was just brilliant.
17-year-old Natalie thinks she's got it all figured out until she falls for a guy who has nothing to lose.
The film was just perfect even though it's a plot that has been done a thousand times. It's the way that the film is told that makes it special! The script is just amazing. Those quirky dialogues and everything. I'd say that the beauty is the pure simplicity. There's such a great balance so it doesn't feel cliché and despite all the stereotypes in the film; it's not an overkill, but on the other hand it was so realistic. It's a slow story, but it still manages to keep the audience interested and curious about the characters.
It's one of those films where I felt like I changed just a little bit.

Great chemistry between Harnois and McCartney and the acting was just on-point. They have definitely proved that they have more than just pretty faces. Talent, my dears! I knew that, but many would probably discard the film just because of the cast. In my personal opinion I think Jesse McCartney delivered a great performance and really made the character come alive.

I highly recommend this film! Sadly the film is only available for US and Canada. I never had a problem with DVD formats before, but the film was shown in limited theatres so I assume that's why they are only doing a limited release? If it was released in more theatres I think people will realize that this film is a gem.

Such a bitter sweet story with a good point.
My two favourite quotes are:
Keith: "Sky's the limit, right?"
Keith: "We're here in a yellow truck, a road in front of us, and nothing but opportunities."

Now, go watch it! :-)

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