Mothers are amazing

∼November 28, 2011∼

I was meant to go out early today, but I decided to sleep in. My aunt's child woke up at 4AM this morning.. Maybe an hour after I finished baking and he wouldn't go back to sleep again. He was sleepy, but he wanted his mum and he was just very whiny. No matter what I did or what Sandy did, it didn't help! He just kept crying whenever we put him back to sleep. He kept calling for his mother even though he knows that sometimes he has to sleep with other people beside his mum. I'm not even sure why he woke up to begin with  because he usually sleeps in.

But yeah, after an hour, my other aunt woke up because she heard the crying and she did some talking to the kid and he decided that he should sleep. I guess, it's an advantage if you already have children. Mothers just know what to do. It was really amazing to watch her do it because everything I did hadn't worked. She didn't trick him or anything. Neither did she force him to sleep again; she just said that he should sleep again because his other cousin is sleeping too and if he doesn't sleep, my cousin will go home the next day. Whenever he started to cry, she'd say "stop now" with an assertive voice and he'd try to calm down. 
Though he was crying a lot at that point, what she said worked as a charm. First he slept in her arms, but she had to go back to her own children so he ended up sleeping in my sister's arms.

The mother of the child didn't wake up because she always wears ear plugs in the night and we didn't want to wake her up as she's pregnant now and we wanted her to have a good night's sleep.

Mother's are really amazing. What can't they do?

- bye bye, sally :)

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