Milky Pink Marshmallow

∼November 28, 2011∼

I've just finished my very first Photoshop Action. I call it "Milky Pink Marshmallow"
It's very versatile and it is especially made for camwhoring. I tried to make it as girly as possible with colours like baby pink & baby blue. I also made a option if you wanted that dreamy hazy look.

You just mess with the opacities of the layers and the action can be used in different ways.
Depending on what the mood you're going for ;-)

If you look at the example I used, you'll see that the left side is unedited and the right is obviously processed using my action. I think that you can further photoshop many various things after you've used the action. You can do lip-tint, enhance your eyes, blush on cheeks etc. etc....

Just wanted to do a quick update about this. I'm so proud of my photoshop action, he he. 

So yeah..
- later alligator. sally. <3

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