I'm Quitting my Job

∼November 25, 2011∼

As the title states; I'm quitting!
I feel so irritated all the time as if I have PMS or something. I don't have to make my life so miserable. I don't have to work there. Even though I get money for it. I'm just so unsatisfied with my working environment, the people and everything. I also happen to work on the worst hours ever. It's just so annoying.

When I'm working I smile, I greet.. but behind my smile, my insides are like:

I'm shy, yeah, probably introverted.. I guess anti-social too. But maybe, just maybe I don't give a shit about strangers. I'm not interested in what they are saying. Why are they talking to me??????

Really, why does she only give me work on weekends?
It pisses me off that she only thinks of herself. I can't do shit when I have to work in weekends.

If something doesn't change soon, I think I will quit my job.
Right now I have so much anger towards the shop!
I'm not even sure if I'm thinking straight because of all that anger.

Whenever I hear her name and the shop, I just want to punch someone/someone.
I don't any part.

The money's not worth my misery.

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