How a day can turn upside down

∼November 17, 2011∼

Today I was a decent day, but somehow and out of the blue... it turned all dramatic?

I honestly believed that today was going to be a goooood day! I thought that today was one of those swell days where everything is just great! Everything just goes like you want it to.
For example today I was happy because I only had work for two hours and I knew that I looked pretty in my new work clothes which I bought in HM. My attitude alone made me feel great! To bad I didn't work for only two hours, but two and half- It didn't matter much to me because I managed to buy a great name-brand 1,5 inch curling iron for like 100DKK which is the equivalent of 20 dollars? That is literally nothing because in Denmark you pay 25% taxes and everything's overpriced so 20 dollars is a fucking bargain.

So I bought that curling iron and because of that, I was like 2 minutes late for work. I drove like mad fast, but luck was just not on my side today. Whatever decision I made was a sucky one. I kept running into damn slow cars, buses, roadworks! All kinds of bullshit and I just knew that I'd be late for work. Obviously I felt bad because I'm usually a responsible person when it comes to work (and also school), but my aunt didn't even remember that I had to work that day so I was relieved! So my mood turned from feeling bad and guilty to relieved and happy again. She didn't expect me to come at all thus she probably didn't really care if I was late that day or not. She left after a while because she realized later why I work on Thursdays and she left me in the store. Also I got Saturday off which I thought I didn't get! so I was happyyy.

Lets move on to work. As usual, it was slow as fuck, but the cook made me delicious food and I even got some tips from some nice dudes. All those little things made me happy and content.
I also met this lovely girl from Brazil; she was an exchange student and she was so sweet. I don't usually small talk to anyone and I actually hate it because I see no point in it (or it's just my introverted personality?), but *I* started the conversation with her! I'm surprised that I did that and I felt great after because I was actually curious about her. After that I just worked some more and just did nothing really.

Boss was late so I stayed half an hour more, but I left as soon as she returned and of course I got more money for staying overtime. Then I picked up sis and everything was great. We went home; had bánh canh and we also made Chinese steamed buns. It was actually a really nice day....... up till the moment where we started to argue. By 'we' I mean; my sister and I.

I asked her if she knew where the memory cards were and she answered me in what I see as a condescending tone. Of course I did not make a big deal out of it at first, but things just escalated from there.
It started with me asking her "do you know where the memory cards are?". Apparently she pointed at the drawer and said "in the drawer". I didn't see that because I was still looking for the cards so I had my back to her. As I said, I was looking for those darn cards and when she said in the drawer and I just looked at all  the drawers it could've been because I didn't see where she was pointing at. All the drawers are lined up btw. I asked her "which drawer?" while I was looking around (I was not irritated at all). She then said "the only drawer in the room?" (we have 5). I eventually figured out what she MEANT. After that I sat on our bed next to her and I told her that she should be aware of how she speaks.

WELL O-M-GEE. Hell broke loose.

The things she said after I said that was; She asked me why didn't I just use my head to figure out what drawer she meant and I told her that I can't always know what she means. To that she answers: "but you know me." -- which she follows up by saying: "It's obviously not that difficult to figure out what drawer I meant". Another thing she said was: Why don't I just remember the things she's told me once before. OK, first of all! If I could remember everything she's ever said, I'd not be in a situation where I needed to ask her. Second of all, it's impossible to ask another person to try to remember things that you may or may not have forgotten. I told her that she shouldn't be so immature (I was really annoyed at that point). I have told her before that I couldn't help but ask her if I really don't know/remember where things are.
To be honest, I only sleep in my room. Everything else is "her" stuff and even the layout of the room is her system. I don't mind, but obviously I don't know where shit is and where everything is supposed to be because I only sleep in the room. She then yelled "Why are you trying to pick a fight with me?!" and storms out.

Now I'm just laying in my bed and she is sleeping in the other room.
I don't want to apologise. The only thing I would retract is the statement about her being immature because I feel like I was too harsh on her and she took it very personally.

I told her to be aware of her tone of voice. It's a huge deal when it comes to speech. It's everything and it tells you what mood you're in and it also affects other people. Sometime I feel like she doesn't appreciate me enough, but I know she does. Like A GIZILION lots.

I'm totally ramble-ling now.
What a weird day.

Tomorrow, it's back to normal. Maybe I'll end up apologising. I don't know yet.
Hey, I'm the little sister. I hurt her feelings and for that I will apologise.

- sleepy me, signing off!! --sally

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