Haul from HM, ASOS, NELLY & ELF

∼November 23, 2011∼

I have received everything I ordered last time. I've received the items for some time now, but I had time to take pictures and such today :-) It was fun; we did hair and make-up and tried the different dresses. 
Thanks SIS <3

In total I/we bought 11 dresses, whereas two of them are the same, but it's in different colours. Only one of the colours are shown in the pictures because the other one is getting washed :-) Another dress missing is a black long sleeved dress from HM because I forgot about it as I had just received it today.

click on the pictures to see the original size :-)


left to right: Vero Moda Open Sleeve Tie Cuff Chiffon Shift Dress {ASOS}, Vero Moda Chiffon Fluted Short Sleeve Chiffon Dress {ASOS}, Blue dress from VILA

We got the first dress in two colours; green and black. The second one is in mahogany red and the last is a dark blue. I love the first two because they look so fancy and sexy. My sister and I have been wearing it when we go out and it's so pretty. Your legs look super long in them; you just need to tuck the dress up with a belt. The last is pretty too, but nobody has worn it yet.

left to right: {HM}, Paprika Floral Bow One Sleeve Dress {ASOS}, One Shoulder Dress {NELLY}

The first one is my sister's and it's a bit loose because the fabric is kind of heavy. I do however think that you're able to fix it up a bit and it's good to go. The second one is so fucking tight and it's a size 8! I can manage, but I did consider returning it for a size 10. Now it's too late, so my only option is to tone my body so I'll look nice and fit in it because as of now, you can see every little detail of my body LOL. The last one is pretty too- At first I wasn't too keen on it, but when you do your make-up and most importantly wear your heels; it looks great.

left to right: Rosalie Lace Dress {NELLY}, One Shoulder Flower Dress, {NELLY}, Drape Dress Jersey {NELLY}

I love this lace dress; maybe it would be extra nice if it didn't have shoulder pads, but it's really pretty nonetheless; it also has an open back so now I need to look after those chicken breast bras. The second is pretty too; at first I thought it was too big and too much fabric for a short person as myself, but heels make a huge difference and a belt too. The last one is OK. I think it's too "slutty" for my taste and I'm not sure when I'll be wearing it. Also the fabric is kind of weird; it's like bathing suit-ish. It's definitely not satin/chiffon or feel anything like that so it feel a bit cheap.

Now moving on to ELF 
I liked them all, but I'm not going to do swatches :-) I can however say that the quality is nice despite how cheap ELF's products are. The things I dislike is the stippling brush which is a little too thin and also the DUO eyeshadow was a waste of money as I already have certain eye-shadows I use regularly. The nail polishes are all-right, but a good top coat is necessary otherwise it will chip very quickly (btw. no pics of nail polishes).

- seee yaaa, sally..

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