Food on Slow Days

∼November 7, 2011∼

There's nothing better than há cảo and xíu mại when you're too lazy to make actual food.
Some consider these as main courses, but to me; it's just snacks. I don't eat it because I'm hungry but I eat it for fun.
Served with black rice vinegar sauce (CHINKIANG) mixed with chili sauce.

Há cảo and xíu mại is a part of DIM SUM; which are Chinese foods that are prepared and served in steamer baskets or on small baskets. Há cảo consists of shrimp filling and some sort of bamboo while xíu mại consists of minced pork and shrimps. I personally love xíu mại a lot more than há cảo because I love minced pork and the flour wrapper, but shrimp filling in a wheat starch wrapper is tasty too. Two completely different dishes, but they compliment each other so well. Besides bánh bao (chinese steamed buns), these two are my favourites ♥

In general I love all Chinese foods especially those dishes that have been brought to Vietnam.

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