FILM rec: Les chansons d'amour

∼November 26, 2011∼

It's a French film by the name Les chansons d'amour a.k.a. Love Songs. It's to date my favourite film because I just love everything about it; the cast, the OST, the story --just everything.
  • A musical interpretation of three lovers living in Paris.
I discovered the film this year after I saw Bertulucci's The Dreamers. Louis Garrel is one of main characters in The Dreamers and the main character in Love Songs. His performance in The Dreamers was brilliant so I decided to check out his filmography. This was the second film I have seen with Garrel and I loved it. He's an actor who doesn't give a big performance which by no means is a negative thing. I think that's exactly what makes him special because he's doesn't need to wow me. He draws me in with his acting and not his looks. Also the way that he acts, is so realistic.
I love the theme of the film too; apparently Louis Garrel specializes in films that have to do with ménage à trois (threesomes) and those themes are also interesting to me. To top it off, I love the message of this film. The film is amazingly put together with great eye for details. Yup, you go watch it now! It really is quite good. If you like musicals then it's a plus too. If you watch it, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

My favourite quote:
Ismäel: "Love me less, but love me for a long time"
btw. FILM/SERIES recommendations every Sunday ;-) he he. I watch a lot of films and sometimes I happen to watch some pretty amazing ones.

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