Christmas Tree In Town

∼November 23, 2011∼

CHRISTMAS TREE - 1. An evergreen or artificial tree decorated, as with lights and ornaments, during the Christmas season.

Whenever I see this particular tree, I'm reminded that Christmas is right on the corner. 
Every year a big Christmas tree is placed right in the middle of the City Hall Square. Every year I always wonder how it's possible to find a tree that's bigger and more beautiful than last year's tree. It's truly awe-worthy. I managed to snap a quick picture of it, but it's heavily blurred because I had to run after taking the picture otherwise I'd miss my bus-home. I didn't see it the other night so I figure that they must have just placed it. I see that they have yet to put lights on it which I'm excited to see. 

I'm also looking forward to see the star they are going to put on the top of the tree.
But the best part is definitely the bright lights. The town is suddenly ten thousands times better/prettier than how I usually think it is. 

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