Work and more Work

∼October 27, 2011∼

So lately I've been MIA because I've been looking for work. It's so frustrating to be unemployed!
I can't deal with kontanthjælp and I knew I wanted an out of that system as soon I got into it. LIKE ASAP. If I haven't mentioned the word kontanthjælp before, it's basically a system which helps you get work and also help you along with some money for those unemployed months. Sometimes I whole-heartily thank this wonderful Danish system, but sometimes I also feel like banging my head against the wall! For anyone who's ever experienced this, knows that the system is so complicated and crappy. I know I should be grateful for the system and be glad, but those people need to shut it because they obviously don't know what it's like to be in that system.

When you're in the system; you search for jobs, write applications, go on internships and you're simply like slaves for who knows how long! The money you get is like your salary and imagine that you're always working overtime. Those you live home "earn" less money and those who live out "earn" more. I live home so obviously I don't appreciate working overtime and getting little money for long hours. That was my main reason for wanting an out, but another thing is that I can't stand sitting by a computer for so long and apply for jobs that I know I wont get. The more I spent my time at the center, the more depressed I became. It's the indifference of the whole situation which makes everything intolerable!

I knew I needed a real job which is why I visited my aunt's shop. I swallowed my pride, asked her for a job and she said yes! I'm thrilled to work somewhere while I search for a full-time job. I know I'm not going to work a lot at her place, but it's less work for more money compared to the center. I will be starting soon and she's train me. I hope to find another job because I want to save up!!!! I never realized how important money was until now. Oh life's many lessons~ Why can't I just win like the lottery...

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