What is Happening?!!

∼October 6, 2011∼

I seriously don't know what to do of myself - I feel like a hot mess!
I'm feeling nervous, giddy and frustrated. All in same time. Why can't life be easy for me? Just ONCE in a while? Why must everything be so overly complicated? I feel so powerless! Like after coming home from Alanya I feel even more distant from the real world! It shouldn't be like this! I can't seem to concentrate because my thoughts just wander on impossible things. Why being a dreamer when it's not good for you?

I want out of this mess! My body can't take it. My mind can't seem to take it either.

I should stop thinking these absurd thoughts and remember that every rose has its thorns! My imagination might be my worst enemy.

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  1. I think you are being hit by the power of loooove


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