No money, no fun?

∼October 9, 2011∼

It's no surprise for people who know me, but I'm incredibly broke. I'm so poor that it's almost pathetic. It's my sabbatical year and I was planning to work and earn money as soon as I was OK after the surgery. Sound easy? It's not. I've just now realized how much preparation I need to do-

First of all, I need a job, but I've never worked a day of my life so I have no experience. And who want's to hire a inexperienced chick like me? Not many, but I'm not going to give up. Second of all, I need to find an apartment in Aarhus for when I move out to another city to study. Third of all, I just need to save up money. Don't people usually say: "More money, More fun"? I've been so obsessed with money these days because I'm so broke. I even dreamt about my mum handing me 50k in an envelope. I'm not sure if this is a permanition of a future win in the lotteries? If I won, I'd be so much more relaxed. I'd definitely save up this time while also travelling.

Now I have a plan: I'm going to sign up for kontanthjælp where I'm getting help with my résumé and also finding me something to work with. Then I'll begin a 20-week basis education in February and in September I'll move to Aarhus. I'm not sure how everything is going to work out, but as long as I'm earning some money. 

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