esohlee? babe, that's me

∼October 7, 2011∼

After a lot of consideration, I finally changed my url! I went from "itsbabyface" to "esohlee" if anyone's wondering. I just never got used to the original url despite how much thought I put into it. I just think my past reasoning for my original url wasn't that good as I thought it was. So I've been pondering for a while what my new url should be. In my opinion, I thought my old url made too much of a statement and I just think the name itself isn't really me. It's too cutesy and maybe a bit attention-seeking and cheesy too which tell nothing about how I am. I want something more personal and neutral if you understand what I'm saying. I don't want to settle for anything until it's perfect.

esohlee is partially an acronym of my real name. es stands for my first name "sally" and oh for my middle name "thao" and lee for my last name "le". I like this name better. The url means nothing for strangers, but I understand it so that's good enough.

There you go! My new blog url! Let's hope I won't change it in the near future!

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