Magic Number 1860

∼October 28, 2011∼

Salary is in and out is a part of that. It's amazing what a little money can get you! I couldn't resist the temptation so I ended up buying loads of things because there seems to be sales everywhere!
On HM there was a coupon for 50 %, Asos 20 % and even ELF Cosmetics 20 %! I love money and apparently I love to use money too~ It was a splurged buy with my sister so I didn't use too much ;-)

Here's what we got from ELF Cosmetics;
This is actually my first buy from them and I'm surprised about the pricing of their products. They are incredibly cheap so I hope the quality isn't too bad. If it's good make-up, I'm not going to "waste" my time on pricey items when you can buy it cheap.

I bought a little bit of everything. Mostly from the STUDIO line because that supposedly is more quality right?? I'm excited about the foundation, cream blush, stipple brush and eyeshadow primer. Hopefully the rest of the items aren't a miss!

Colors from left to right: Smoky Brown, Lilac, Mod Mauve, Gum Pink - (New Formula), Champagne, Light Pink, Matte Finisher Clear Nail Polish, Glitter Glam.

I realize the colors are very uniform, but recently I've been very into pastel colors like Essie. It suits every season, but is especially very fall-esque. I also HAD to buy a matte nail polish because it looks so classy and it's totally different feel from the usual glossy nail polish I wear. I can't wait to try them!

H&M; Sandy's stuff, but I hope she'll lend me the dresses sometimes :-)

asos; I bought black tights just in case I needed it in upcoming cold weathers and two black dresses. I'm not sure if the dresses will be pretty on me, but I hope so!


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