Alanya Overview (Part 1)

∼October 4, 2011∼

We came back Friday morning. I'm really beat up right now, but I thought I'd update. I'm not sure how I'm going to post about my Alanya so right now I'd just post pictures and a short summary about each day.
Our flight was on Thursday morning, but we ordered some cheap tickets so we arrived late at Copenhagen airport. On top of that I was really tired that day too because I hadn't really slept much the night before.

We waited several hours at the airport and I had scones which I crumbled and ate. My teeth at that point was still sore, but it has REALLY improved the week in Turkey. After my scones, we headed up the skies and 3½ hours later we arrived in Antalya Airport. I don't anything from the flight because I slept through it. Antalya Airport was alright, but I expected a fancier airport? or maybe hunky dudes waiting or just something extraordinary?

first group picture in Alanya
First day: On our way to Alanya, it was announced that Alanya was going to have bad weather and it would be the first rain in several months. At first I didn't believe it because the weather was super fine; not too hot, not cold either and no rain. As we arrived to Alanya we went sightseeing and it suddenly turned into this horrible cold wet weather. We ended up staying inside the hotel. To be honest, I thought it was nice and cozy! I was also smashed that day so a break was the best thing evar. We watched the thunders and just talked. I slept so nicely and I was super relaxed the next morning.

amazing view. we lay in this bed and watched the thunders.
Our hotel was great. It's not a 5 star hotel or anything, but it was close to everything. Our view was amazing!

Second day: We went with our guides and looked around the supposedly "hottest" places in Alanya. BULLSHIT LIE, but whatever. After that we went shopping and then HAMAM. SOOO NICE. SERIOUSLY LUXURY. Hamam means Turkish Bath in Turkish and basically you have people pampering you e.g. you get special treatment! I was looking forward to this so much and supposedly a Hamam trip prolongs your tan for 3 weeks. Yipieee. We got into the place and we wore out bikinis; It was a bit uncomfortable because the Turkish boys who worked there seemed to be a little too interested.. We went in the sauna and then salt-water-hottub and then to the steam-bath. After that your skin is nice and soft and then they give you a good scrubbing which leaves your skin with dirty nasty greyish clumps of dead skin cells and then you get foam bath. They massage you too and then there is a break where you drink tea and then we have the oil-massage, tea and whatnot. I liked the idea a lot, but the person who pampered me was not so nice. After we were done we hurried away from that place. We walked around the city, just generally exploring the city and going into the Harbour and such. I have pictures, but it's on a friend's camera.

Third day: We went on a boat-trip. I'm the kind of person who gets seasick so I was not so happy. At first I was fine and I even drank a seasick pill, but after 1-2 hours I could feel that I was dizzy and I ended up laying down the entire time. Except when bathing in the nice-ass water! I felt so ill, but my step out of the ship was like heaven. Words can describe how great it felt to feel solid ground. We spent a crazy amount on the ship like 7 hours under scorching sun and after that we went out to eat at Josef's Platz. I don't really recommend it. One the girls felt sick so I walked her home and she stayed in the hotel while we went around the city and talked to locals. It was really fun that day. It was also the day where we met some who I suspect whose rapists. We met three old men who supposedly are German teacher (Turkish origin) who said they wanted to take us around the city in their car and up to a deserted castle in the middle if the night. It was so scary!
One of the girls went home and here are we with Gino (the apple guy)
Fourth day & fifth: BEACH DAY. Nuff' said. We met some lovely and kind people at the beach and one of the beach boys fell in love with my Caucasian friend so we got discounts etc. They were very nice people. We also befriended our hotel receptionist Ali who we call Bjørn. I swear, the most adorable guy evar. I ask myself: why Turkey? Also ate at Happy Viking which was the worst mistake ever because my friend got food poisoning! She went directly to bed after that.

Sixth day: Our last day; We went mega shopping and I have no money left from the trip.
It was truly a bitter sweet day.

Seventh day: Waking up early. Drove 2½ hours with the bus from Alanya to Antalya, 3½ hours from Antalya to Copenhagen and 7-8 hours at the airport and then 2½ hours from the Copenhagen to Odense. Confusing and tiring? Yes.. I was so tired this morning and I even overslept my appointment at the doctors, but I'm literally have no energy to care about it.


My summaries are so short, but long equals boring so I'm going with less is more!
I'll update about the trip in two other posts where I just highlight some thoughts about the trip and my Turkey haul. Overall I really adored the trip and I appreciate it even more now that I'm back in Denmark. I really want to go back to Turkey on day. I'm just not sure when I ready! Money-wise I mean.. I miss it!!!!! 

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