Remembering 9/11

∼September 12, 2011∼

Important date in American history. Ten years after September 11th. 2977 individuals lost their lives. 


Where was I? On 9/11 I was 8 years old. First of all, I was a only kid and I barely understood anything. Let alone something that happened in another country. I don't recall anything from the 9/11-event. I might have been home and even sound asleep in my bed. I don't even recall seeing it on the news or talking to anyone about it. I have no memory of me saying anything about the event. I remember people summing about it; kids talking bits about it; but nothing I thought was out of the extraordinary. As I grew up I learned about history and then came to realize that the event had a big impact on Americans and the World. 

If we're talking about the impact on me; I have to be honest and say that the event did/does not affect me. Maybe it's because I'm not American thus I don't feel the patriotism (I do however know the feeling because of the recent Norway terror attacks). Even though it doesn't affect me, I feel bad for those who died and those who lost their loved ones. 
— It's a date none will forget, especially America.

I came into my class like any other day.
I did my work like any other day.
How was I to know, at such a young age, that so many would die?

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