Ready, Set, Go!!

∼September 19, 2011∼

All preparations for Turkey is done! Sister and I woke up early this morning and helped my grandmother at the doctors.
Both of us were frickin' exhausted because we stayed up real late. Don't ask me why I'd do that because really don't know. The only thing on the telly was Cruel Intention.. 2th&3rd and they sucked! It ended really late and the lack of sleep made us so tired. We did however managed to buy everything we were supposed to have for our trip which is great.

We bought these biotics (lactic acid bacteria...) and suncreen:

They were a perfect size of 20 tablets- just enough for two on a 7-day trip. We're eating 3 days before going and I can't chew them, but Sis says they taste alright. It tastes like fruity multivitamins. Of course we had to buy a must-have which are sunscreen and also extra tops because you get sticky in a hot weathers = change clothes often. It's crazy how expensive those sunscreens can be. We opted for a cheaper one, but with a smaller SPF-factor.

A few necessaries and I got myself a bikini:
Even though it was meant to be my bikini, it suits Sandy a lot more, so I'm wearing her neon colored bikini; it's of same style which is bandeau. The flippers are mine though, really cheap like 9DKK  (less than $2USD).

I also got a suitcase which isn't exactly mine, but I'm using it. It's pretty bright red and it got a cute muffin tag to go with it!

We didn't get to exchange money because the bank didn't carry Turkish Liras so we ordered some and we have to pick it up on Wednesday. I'm still a bit confused about how much I'm supposed to bring with me? I'm thinking of exchanging my money into two currencies: TL and EUR, just in case.
To be honest, I'm not the biggest spender or shopper, but I'm so afraid of bringing to little and that would suuuuck. I've heard there are loads of different things in Turkey so I might as well bring a bit more than less. I'm hoping to buy a lot of accessories and dresses. Maybe even stationary because I love things like that.  
No matter what, I know I have space enough in my suitcase! Despite having packed most of my things, there still lots of space! The picture is just all my stuff and my sister's stuff in my suitcase..

My suitcase mostly consist of dresses or one-pieces because I tend to get hot really easily! I can't stand layers when I'm traveling to hot destinations and it's so much easier to wear dresses. I also brought like soup and noodles because I still can't eat properly yet and I don't want to starve myself in Turkey. I'd probably faint from exhaustion or starvation if I didn't bring extra food! I just hope they have like a somewhat decent hygiene in the hotel. In sister's suitcase (besides clothes) she has the more important stuff like creams, shampoo etc and also tickets and such.

A bag to hold Polaroid, passport, sunscreen, money etc. Sis bought it from H&M:

Both of us have plenty of space in our suitcase so we are going all in!

This is going to be a luxury trip! No being stingy or whatever. I really dislike when people are stingy and most of all when they are like: "No I don't want to spend too much money on food" because really? The food is the most important thing when traveling. I mean... you gotta have the right attitude when traveling! Otherwise you're just going to regret it!
So I'm all like GO GO GO.



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