Preview of Portrait of Brother

∼September 15, 2011∼


I'm currently working on a portrait of my brother which is taking me forever BTW. I thought I could finish it today, but unfortunately no. I did however use a good four hours on the collar.. I really believed I'd finish it today and post everything, but yeah- clothes really takes a long time to draw. 

I've currently used 10+ hours on this portrait and yes I'm being very throughout with this portrait (never expected to use 10+ hours though!). In the beginning I concentrated a lot on the outline which apparently makes everything more time consuming. I suddenly become a perfectionist because there aren't room for mistakes when you have a specific outline. It's time consuming, but the results are definitely better.

Up to this point, I've finished the face, hair, neck, collar. I still miss shirt and sleeves, but I'd show a .gif of a part of the beginning of the process:

The portrait is turning out great. It's amazing what pencils can do. By adding darker and lighter values it makes a HUGE difference! One minute I'm thinking: "wow I'm really bad at drawing" the next minute I'm thinking: "It finally looks like something!"

Can't wait till it's finished.

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