Going out— sure is...

∼September 13, 2011∼

4 weeks post-op  where's my v-line? swelling go away!

— Tiring! I went out Friday and Saturday and Sunday I was at my aunts house. I'm exhausted. I couldn't sleep last night and had to wake up early this morning. I think I had like 3 hours of sleep- I just kept rolling around and switching sleeping places. My head was spinning around with all sorts of random thoughts which made it even harder to sleep! I think I might have insomnia like Momma. Or not. I've just been sleeping in the worst possible hours and it's really affecting my internal clock  !

So yea, after three extremely exhausting days, I'm finally just laying in my bed and chilling with a bunch of oldie HK series like 'Bet on Best Bet'. Tomorrow will be more productive! Exercising, exercising and exercising! I also want to finish the portrait of my brother! It's turning out really great so I look forward to posting it!

BTW. I'm thinking of cutting my hair. I'm thinking waves to soften my face (I'm hoping my aunt will digiperm my hair) or just long hair with layers in the front. I want volume!!!!! I'm feeling a bit chubby in the face now, but when the swelling goes away, my square shaped face will be more apparent.. that's why I want some volume to soften it up.

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